SAX for Pascal

The latest SAX for Pascal packages can be downloaded from SourceForce . They come as Delphi source code, with packages for Delphi versions 4 through 7 and for Kylix versions 2 and 3.


The SAX for Pascal packages come bundled with vendors for MS XML and for Keith Wood's native Delphi parser. Other people have created SAX parsers in Delphi that adhere to the SAX for Pascal interfaces as well:

Jeff Rafter
AElfred2 is a native Pascal XML parser. Currently it has been tested in Delphi 5/6/7, with Kylix changes under construction.
Karl Waclawek
KDS XML combines fast XML parsing (based on the popular Expat parser used in e.g. Mozilla) with flexible XML validating and generating functionality, on both Windows and Linux. It also contains the SAXPath API (an XPath like call-back API, which makes SAX based XML transformations easier to implement) and a DTD validator.
Easy XML provides you with a W3C DOM compliant XML parser that can handle ASCII, UniCode and UTF-8 XML documents. The DOM Documents are generated by the SAX parser. This is a commercial software package, with a trial version.