SAX for Pascal

This is the official website for SAX for Pascal, the Delphi way to parse XML documents using SAX. Read the overview to learn what SAX for Pascal can do for you.

SAX is the Simple API for XML, originally a Java-only API. SAX was the first widely adopted API for XML in Java, and is a de facto standard. Read more about it on the website of the SAX project. SAX for Pascal is the port of SAX to Borland Delphi. Read more about SAX and the alternative way of parsing XML documents, viz. using a DOM, in the SAX vs. DOM section.

You can download the default SAX for Pascal Delphi packages and other vendors from the download section.

4 July 2003: SAX for Pascal 1.1 is out. Download it by going to the Sourceforge download area. You can download either a full-blown MS-Window Installer version, or a simple zip file.